Friday, February 12, 2010

Othlaagiri in America

Somehow its not happening.... Me trying to blog every other day and some girl or the other comes up.....So how come I am back again??? Its just that I have learnt to schedule my time in a more effective manner.

It has been great to be in the land of the dreams for 6 months. I have had my own share of friendships, traveling, flirting and of course studying. The best part however is that the "Othlaa" in me is still alive. Its quite a different "Othlaa" here though. Probably much more othlaa than what I was back home.
Side Track: The word OTHLAA just seems to amaze me(Or English grammar continues to disappoint me). You could use it as a noun, verb, adjective and what not !!!
Othlaa here has adapted to the western culture. He TRIES to work during the weekdays and has fun over the weekends. What more, the weekend here starts from Thursday evenings, thanks to the happy hours that we have every week. Start off your weekend with a bang.

Guess the program I choose also contributes its share to me being what I am. MBA or Mahina Bhar Aaraam as some would call it. It mostly involves working in team and adding a intellectual quality into what ever you do. In lay man terms, "bullshitting". If you know how to talk and sell, you would be a successful MBA graduate. No wonder so many companies run by such MBA graduates are going into financial troubles. All in all, it sounds like a perfect place for Othlaagiri.

In the first few days, I was not sure if things would work out for an Othlaa like me (as they had in my previous company). But after a semester of work and decent grades, things seems to be no different for me here. Its more or less like the VTU grading system, if not easier. Pick up your books just a day before the exam and you would surely pass with satisfactory grades.(Note: Satisfactory here is highly correlated to the individual concerned)The only difference that I see between the undergrad degree and this one is the attire. We used to be dressed in shabby jeans, which had not seen water in years all the time. Now we are forced to wear suites and shoes.

Disclaimer: In case someone reads this post and are intimidated to join MBA, please do so at your own risk. Its not child's play to be an Othlaa....

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