Saturday, July 7, 2007

Gourmet on the gallis

If you are not a foodie then I must say, U better not go through the rest of the blog. Firstly I must apologize for the delay in posting my next blog. This can be attributed to the fact that I have been working my ass of now-a-days. To be frank I have been working on weekends for the past 3 weeks. This seems to have reached such a limit, that our Othlaa gang is actually thinking of dethroning me as the Othlaa and also thinking of renaming me as Workla(I know, this is a nice way of publicizing urself to proclaim to the world that "I work too"). Ok then, back to business now. This blog will contain a list of some of the unknown eateries that one could find in South Bangalore and places you must not miss if u love food like I do.

1. Eating Street:
A very popular street in VV Puram aka shettarpalya. A heaven for food lovers. You can find every dish from south Indian to North, American to Chinese. And what’s better is that they are damn cheap too. And in case you have a liking for sweets, then there are plenty of varieties to satisfy your sweet tooth too.
Route Info: Make your way to the national college fly over and then to Sajjan Rao circle. Ask anyone for directions there and am pretty sure, you will find this place.
Must Eat: Special cutlet at Chandra’s, Butter gulkhan and masala soda at Shivanna, Dosas

2. Gandhi bazaar:
A locality that existed probably as long as Bangalore itself. Its one of the oldest localities you can find in the Silicon City. However it is keeping up with the changing pace of the city. This place boasts of a lot of eateries catering to meet the variety of needs of the variety of people here. Most of the eat outs that you find in this place are located in DVG Road. I would recommend that you park your vehicle and walk along this street and enjoy its various delicacies.
Route Info: Gandhi bazzar by itself is a landmark, but in case you are from other parts of the city make your way to Ramakrishna Ashram and then to DVG Road.
Must Eat: Golgoppa at Bugle Rock, Bajjis at Bajji Corner(Near UD), Davanagere Benne Dose(next to Tyagarajnagar ICICI ATM). Also to finish off the feast, you can choose to either have a glass of fresh fruit juice at Ganesh or a sizzling brownie at Shiv Sagar.

3. MTR:
A very popular and very historic land mark of Bangalore City. If you have been visiting this place since a long time, then you would probably know that there has been no change in this place since ages(Except for the crowd and prices though). Located at the heart of Bangalore City, this place is the pick of many people for Breakfast who visit the city. Have heard that the Indian Cricket team always comes to this place at least once when they are in town.
Route Info: Make your way to JC Road and take a right at the first junction. You will reach Urvashi theatre and then take a right again to reach this place.
Must Eat: A plate of Rava Idli(with ghee) and a Fruit Mixture(as they call it). This place recently started serving afternoon meals also. However personally I don’t find it worth enough.

4. Chickpet:
Located in the heart of the Bangalore city, this place to this day remains unknown to many people living in the city. By unknown i meant unknown for its eateries. This place is however popular for shopping of all kinds of household items and apparels. All the hustle bustle and shopping is what happens in the day. But as evening falls, it transforms itself into a roadside eatery to cater to the people tired of shopping. If you plan to visit this place, I suggest you park your vehicles in the underground parking area of KR market and make your way to this place on foot. Believe me, the traffic on weekdays here is hopeless and with the maze of one ways and no entries, it is faster to commute around this place on foot.
Route Info: Go to KR Market. Then enter Avenue Road. Once you enter Avenue road, there is a small gully that branches towards your right. Enter this road and you walk along to find the various stores. However I must tell you that you can easily get lost in this place and it would be better if you had someone who knows the place along.
Must Eat: Vada pavs at Bombay Chat Centre, Jamoon with/without ice cream, Floating pani puri opp Bombay Chat Centre, Bath masala and masala dosa. Can finish off with a glass of dry fruit milk shake

5. Sidappa:
This can be called a house rather than a eatery. It’s a home that has been converted into a Tiffin centre that’s open only in the mornings. Opens at around 8.30 and make sure you are in by 10.30 or else you would have to go back starving. If you go to this place you will first find Mr. Sidappa sitting at the cash counter with his signature patapatti cheddi on. I am sure you will be taken aback by the setting of the restaurant but am double sure that you will relish every item that is being served here. Once you enter this place you will be given no plates. Only banana leaves, and all your food would be served in it. Definitely a must visit place if you are very taste conscious and less calorie conscious.
Route Info: Reach JC Road and drive along till you reach Corporation bus stop. From here take a u turn to the route that leads you to lalbagh and take a left after the handicrafts shop in the corner.
Must Eat: Sagu masala and tuppa khali(khali dosa roasted with ghee) are my picks. However, there would be a rice bath that changes daily.

6. Yelakki Chikanna:
This is another restaurant on the likes of Sidappa. Located near the old silk board, this place(like sidappa) isn’t known to many people. This place is so very difficult to find, that you might have a tough time to even find the place if it’s your first time. This too is a house that would be converted into a restaurant in the mornings only.
Route Info: Reach the Corporation bus stop and take a left to reach old silk board, then it would be wise to ask somebody for this place as it is difficult to explain the route through the gullies.
Must Eat: Mini masale(aka tiny masala dosas) and khali dosas that just melt in your mouth.

7. Brahmins Coffee Bar:
A one of its kind hotel in RangaRao Road. By looking at the crowd stating outside this hotel, you might wonder at the variety this hotel serves. But if you take a closer look, there are only around 5 items in the menu. Idli, kharabhat, kesribath, vada and coffee, tea. But the amazing part about this hotel is the coconut chutney he serves with the idlis. The chutney is simply awesome and out of this world. During college we actually used to sit in the parking lot till 3.30 so that we could eat at this place on our way home.
Route Info: Get to Gandhi bazaar and then to shankarpuram police station, take the next left after the police station and i am sure you wouldn’t miss this place.
Must Eat: This is one place where i love everything. So do tryout all the items in the menu according to your preferences.

8. Shiva's Chats:
This a place located very close to my place so couldn’t resist mentioning it. Located near 50 feet road, hanumanthnagar, it’s a chat house which opens during evenings. Due to its proximity to my place, I am a regular here. Since it started, the place has undergone many changes and has had its ups and downs with its taste. However, this place should be visited once.
Route Info: Reach 50 feet road and ask for Kaggis Bakery. You will find this place right next to the bakery.
Must Eat: Sev puri and a hot place of masala puri (Especially if it’s raining of drizzling)

All the above mentioned places are some of my favorites and most of them could be found in South Bangalore(Since i reside here). I am pretty sure that there are many more such places in other parts of Bangalore. In case you know a few of them, do mention them in the comments.


Bhargav said...

Good one magas... You've covered the whole lot of South Bangalore eateries along with a few Central Bangalore ones as well...
Here is my two pence contribution (here is a North Bangie - Short form of Bangalorean speaking):

1. Asha Sweets: Probably the most renowned sweet shop in the whole of bangalore. Located in Malleswaram, another very old locality of namma bengalooru..
Very famous for Badam Milk. Other sweets are equally good, but if you visit this place badam milk is a must have. The rates are a bit on the higher side though. (Although not hitting the sky).
Route: Reach Sampige Road somehow. And ask anyone

2. Hotel Janata: This hotel is analogous to Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter. Any person might just pass by it without noticing it, but people who know the place wouldn't miss it for nuts. The best breakfast/snack joint I've ever visited (and continue to visit)...
The place is extremely crowded and do not hope for any kind of team outing there. People are almost staring at your plate waiting for you to finish. This is one place I visit almost every alternate weekend. And I travel close to 15km just to have breakfast in the morning.
Route Info: Reach Sampige road, take a left turn at 8th cross. (pedestrians only). Fourth shop to the left.
Must Eat: Vada Sambar. The Sambar is so famous that he charges Re 1 for every extra cup. The Vadas are piping hot at any time of the day.

3. CTR: Central Tiffin Room: One of the oldest and the most dilapidated of restaurants again in Malleswaram. The place still reminds you of Bangalore in the 80s and 90s.
Route Info: Reach Margosa road / Malleswaram Grounds. This is at the 7th cross, margosa road junction.
Must Eat: Benne Masala Dosa.

4. Bhimesh Chaats: Slurrrp, slurrrp... That's me licking my tongue as I think of the yummy chaats available near Sheshadripuram. I've befriended Ramesh-The guy who makes pani puri. Have been unsuccessful trying to befriend Bhimesh himself coz he is too busy. This place offers the best Masala Puri I have eaten till date.
Route Info: Reach Sheshadripuram college and right infront of the college is a triangular park. The chaat shop is actually a cart. Open for 6 days a week from 6pm to 9pm.

Aw there are many more such places... I'm too busy thinking of the yummy eateries to list out any of them...
And btw, othla, u missed out Vidhyarthi Bhavan and Dwaraka..

Raghunandan said...

mv....u ve done a good survey but it is not tat catchy as ur previous comparison it is like sankar's sivaji after a big hit anniyan...

vijay said...

Very well written blog entry and very informative for people from outside or for people who haven't explore too much in South Bangalore. MV is a known foodie. His rich experience of working as a maani/server( obviously because of non payment of bills ) is reflected in this blog entry of his.

MV seem to have missed out one very important place in Chamrajpet which stands since more than 13 years to the best of my knowledge. It is called Karnataka Bhel House. May be the guys working in Shiva's on 50 feet road were previously working here because of the similarities in taste. I strongly suggest people addicted to Shiva's to come and taste the chats in KBH because according to many KBH is better than Shiva.

And MV, keep such good blogs coming man. See i have commented in your blog despite the fact that you chose not to do it for my blogs,hehehe, just joking man.


Shailesh said...

well I score 5/8!! Remaining 3 will soon be covered... :D
Plus I have a very "small" list from acharya too..
Dude one more great place... Dam your own place... and a very good 'room service too', only problem is visit the place ALONE and not with a bunch of really hungry ppl.. your mom preps really nice dosas.... Do tell aunty we will be visiting there soon. ( this time only to eat and no bahanas of visiting a jaw-broken server ) ;)

kd said...

dude.. our score stands at 3...
too bad considering we got so many options.

adding up bhargavs list we got a lot to cover pal...

no more alternate weekend plans till we check out all of them re..

Bhargav said...

Had forgotten one too many in my comment:

Chetty's Corner: Do you wish to try out various combinations with 2 slices of bun and Nippat in between.. This is the best bet... He's got a variety of stuff ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 30... All various combinations of bun.

Route map: Reach Sheshadripuram and ask for Gullu's... The shop next to gullu's is Chetty's corner. Also, gullu's is quite famous as well.

Must eat: Bun Nippat Cheese Masala.

Shakti hotel: One place even my parents like...(they generally dont like the others which I like)...
Good north indian/punjabi food...(chappatis and not rotis and kulchas) Not a drop of oil used... And the best curd rice I've eaten till date. The ambience aint the best, but who cares...

Route Map: Very close to Sheshadripuram college... Ask for Swastik circle. Next to swastik circle, you'll find this place. Also, there are branches in Sampige road and off margosa road.

Must eat: Chappatis along with any curry. He also gives some kind of a salad soaked in chilli water...

Nandini: I just go there for the "Pappu" aka dal.
Route Map: there are so many of them that I've lost count.
Must eat: "Pappu" and Aloo Pepper Dry(only @ St Marks Road Nandini).

Bonda Shop: I dont know the name of the bonda shop, but it is located very close to Malleswaram Circle.. aaah I remember it.. Mookambika sweet shop... The "masala vadas" are a treat to the taste buds.

Route Map: Go to malleswaram circle, 4th cross and that is the only sweet shop available.

Must eat: Masala Vada and Onion Pakoda

Veena Stores: The crowd on the road is an indication of the popularity of the place... Any new comer might think that there is a fight or an accident that has happened/happening.. You can go on and on and on... The best Idlis i've eaten till date.. On par with Brahmins...

Route Map: Margosa Road opposite Himamshu school.
Must eat: Idli vada with chutney..

Amrith Ice Cream: An unheard place in the midst of a completely residential area.. Not crowded..not very famous, but me loves the fig-n-honey there..
Route Map: Dont bother..If you want to reach tehre.. call me, the space here is too short to explain..
Must eat: Fig-n-honey

Samrat Hotel: One hotel which is totally different from all the above ones in terms of ambience. Relatively a posh hotel. The food is good nevertheless.. There is a meal called Lagu aahar which comprises of Rice, Rasam and Sambar which he gives in a Jug... South indians who love rice can rejoice. North Indian is also good but is almost the same as u find elsewhere in any standard restaurant.

And many more in Malleswaram... God, how I miss that place..

Will upload my next comment after I stop licking my lips...

Karthik said...

@ bhargav
dude you have so many more options of north bangalore that you, by yourself could have written a blog
i have been planning to take u to these places every sunday that i am free, and somebody was not ready
yes boss, i agree that i missed out on KBH, actually am planning to visit that place today or tmrw(now that u have reminded me of that)
dude stop watching so many movies
my mom would be very happy at those comments and for the next time, anytime would be fine

Shariq said...

Awesome work !!!! Planning to publish this blog on TOI food section...damn sure this will be a runaway hit...after a long time u have done anything useful :)

Ann M said...

good one othala after your small recess from blogging.. slurping already! i wandered into the comment section thinkin there would be a couple of more eatouts but bhargav seems to ve created a new blog within ur blog! awesome acharya!

adding to that list.
Bugle Rock Gaddi Chaat :: the bestest floating pani puri, sweet corn chatt and one buck coconut burfi
Direction :: Behind Bugle Rock,basavangudi.. that dude is open from 2PM to 7PM ,its easy to spot cos u will find hordes of ppl around his blue color gaddi with half of them spilling onto the roads!

Fruit Chaat :: Oh boy u gotta eat his fruit chaat to believe it, luscious fruits topped with wild honey and kalla namak..!
Directions :: Its right opposite the basavangudi aquatic club.

BDA Samosas :: Im deeply pained that none of the othala members mentioned this eatout, kachori, samosas and dokhlas .. finish it wit a plate of hot jalebis
Direction :: Its inside the banashankari BDA but moi not sure of the name.!

Aunty's Paratha :: Spent 4 yrs of my Engg life eating her parathas and word evade me when i think of those stuffed parathas with a small dollop of meting butter...yummooo!
Directions :: Bang opposite the BMS boys hostel(Strategically placed i must say :) ), Basavangudi!

Jobin said...

Maga.. Awesome blog.. i need to check these places out.. We will (if not all of us, atleast some of us) definitely goto these places 2gethr and have food.. I cant wait to eat these things da..!! *slurp*

Anonymous said...

hey buddy u 4got to mention vidyarthi bhavan !!!!!!!

Jobsy said...

Please tell you friend Ann to stop plagiarizing from top bloggers posts and making it her own. Do check out this and this, two posts she copied to make her latest!! This is not the first time!

Jackass said...

treat maga, when???

Anonymous said...

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